Magic Tree
Containing a paper bare tree , a pocket of non-toxic chemicals and manuals.
Just put the chemical onto the bare tree, you will see you tree growth up with colourful flowers within an hour. This phenomena is very interesting and real.
(1) 先將紙板樹撕下並十字型互疊
(2) 把紙板樹插在小膠盆之坑上
(3) 把包裝液體倒在小膠盆中, 使液體浸到樹腳便可
(4) 一小時後觀察小樹之枝頭會看到有小花長出
(5) 二小時三小時後看看小花長大長多了點
(6) 12小時後回來已見樹已長滿顏色花球了

Item No : KE 347 set of 3 trees

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